Think Spring in D.C.!

Although we will be in the midst of Cherry Blossom and tourist season here very soon, for now snow is in the forecast. Hopefully this will be the last snowstorm of the season and we can move on to Spring! I haven't made my way out to go photograph any of the white fluffy stuff today. However as I was surveying the snow I noticed this Robin in the back yard looking kind of confused! I waited for it to come closer. After a few minutes I decided to grab some bread crumbs and coax it closer. Of course when I opened the basement door the bird took flight and moved further away. So... I waited! I can wait. Then it became a standoff. The bird against me and I was not giving up. You would think by the way I was acting this was some very serious prey. After nearly twenty minutes of just lying on the basement floor, the bird finally found its trust in me and I was able to get this shot.  I not sure but I think this weather may be starting to have a bad effect on me! Come on Spring!