Cherry Blossom time in Washington D.C.

Every spring in Washington D.C. you start to hear two words seemingly more frequent than any others. Cherry Blossoms! When are they expected to bloom? Whats the weather look like? Can we get a hotel? How many people do you think there will be this year? When is peak bloom? For those living in the D.C. area it can be taxing. But when the nearly 1,700 Cherry Blossom trees that are around the Tidal Basin hit peak bloom its all worth it! Seeing the trees burst into color is truly something to admire, especialy considering they are so delicate and only last a few days. This is my collection of photos from this years display.

Cherry Blossoms at Twilight by Michael Donahue

Lady Of The Blossoms by Michael Donahue

Jefferson Memorial Through Blossoms by Michael Donahue

Twisted Blossom Tree by Michael Donahue

Cherry Blossom Glow by Michael Donahue

Geese At Sunrise by Michael Donahue

Blossom Reflection At Twilight by Michael Donahue