New Image!!!

Storm Over Dolly Sods

There was a lot of excitment getting this image! It started at four in the morning, after a long night of sleeping in the truck and it storming very heavily. I woke up and imediately jumped into the drivers seat. I thought about just skipping the trip up the mountain due to the weather, but decided I might as well check it out. When I arrived it was about twenty minutes before sunrise and the sky was clear. I have photographed this area several times, so I was aware that the weather was unpredictable at best. Ten minutes before sunrise the horizon started showing signs of a storm. I decided to head out and find a composition that I liked and see what the morning would bring. On the walk out to the cliffs edge the storm started moving fast and started coming my way. It grew darker and darker and lightning started to crack all around me. I quickly set up my tripod, grabbed the first composition I could find and fired away. I was literally only able to fire off maybe five shots before having to grab my tripod and run for the truck. This is the first time I have actually felt in danger of the weather while I was taking photos. I don't suggest getting yourself in this kind of situation, but feeling the power behind this storm in this wonderful place was something truly amazing! 

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